We are a passionate, hard-working team of individuals always pushing to create beautiful interior environments infused with the client's identity. We provide remarkable design services and solutions that will enhance the quality of life and create a lasting impact on our clients’ teams, business, and brand. We make sure every detail is considered and ensure the project’s success by delivering the project on time and within budget. Every project is unique and we embrace the challenges, and take the greatest pride in our customer’s satisfaction. We are committed to meet the clients’ needs, visions and expectations, covering ideas, design, manufacturing and execution.

Interior Design

Architectural Design

Providing full architectural projects services including design planning and construction from the start to the finish according to your needs and budget with high quality finishes.

Interior Design

Master of creativity in interior architecture services for all spaces in new and renovated building from the beginning to the end with high quality of execution.

Landscape Design

All kinds of landscape design services including planning and execution for parks, public gardens, and other open areas combining nature and architecture.


The best practice to ensure corporate security and safety through advanced technologies which reports in real time to your device.

Interior Design


Angry Monkey Agency architecture service provides high quality projects to all kinds of corporates including:

  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs & Bars
    Clubs & Bars
  • Stores
  • Industries
  • Corporate Structures
    Corporate Structures