Angry Monkey Agency

Who We Are

We are a collective of dynamic rebels with bold, fresh, and original ideas and concepts with a passion for creating and executing exceptional designs expressed by different visual communication means.

Core Values

We promise to stay transparent and cooperative with our clients and partners and create relationships based on respect and communication. We are committed to achieve customer satisfaction and encourage creativity and innovation for the best results.


Directing our clients' vision, tone, and message through creative innovation.


To shape societies by empowering developed and undeveloped businesses worldwide.


Our client experience driven workflow made working with Angry Monkey Agency so easy.

Requesting a quotation form will enrich us with your business information, where we'll provide you with a detailed quotation and the agreement. Upon approval, a PDF invoice will be provided to the client with the payment methods including an online payment link. When paid, a PDF receipt will be provided to the client, along with the Client Drive link where the client can easily upload their business assets, files, and high quality images.

Worldwide Services
No matter where you are.

We're a worldwide company whose services can be provided to any client located in any country.
Our modern system, organized workflow, and advanced experience made that possible!

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United States of America

945 McKinney St
Houston, TX 77002


Snoobrat St
Hadath, Mount Lebanon

Saudi Arabia

فلسطين، حي مشرفة
جدة 23331
Map | +966 583969960

Ivory Coast

Zone 4, Marcory
+225 799998799
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