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Channel Partnership

An Opportunity to Build and Grow with Us!

If you are experienced in marketing, operation management, graphic design, developement, or photography or even have your own business, you can denitely be an Angry Monkey Agency channel partner, who can develop a well-organized workflow.

Become a Partner

We are looking to partner with motivated individuals or businesses who have what it takes to create lasting client relationships and move businesses forward.

Angry Monkey Agency is offering Channel Partnership opportunities. Details of how the partnership will work and how profits are shared are outlined in an agreement. Please contact us via the details below for more information.


  • Professional quotations to your clients.
  • Legal invoices and receipts to your clients.
  • Less work yet more profit.
  • Technical consultancy.
  • Full support.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Account executive of your clients.
  • Assign and unassign projects to Angry Monkey Agency.
  • Negotiate services and prices with clients.
  • Receive payments from the clients.

Ready to start a successful business partnership?

Contact Us

Send us an e-mail with the following information:

  • Personal or/and business information.
  • Your location, area(s) and country(ies).
  • Your knowledge in Angry Monkey Agency's services.
    (Branding, Development, Social Media, Production, Marketing, Architecture)
[email protected]

Please note that this is not a sales role nor an open vacancy at Angry Monkey Agency.